The Facebook App “Bloo” Goes Open

July 7, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Dimitris Couchell is the developer of the popular Facebook app Bloo. He recently made the announcement that he is making the application open source. Couchell explains that a lack of time to spend on the app is the reason he is making it open source and he urges the community to participate in the creation of the next version, Bloo Too. Bloo One is what Couchell refers to as his initial release of the app. He did not feel that this code would make it if it went open source so Couchell and a developer buddy have decided to get Bloo Too going enough to make it open source and let the fans and the community finish it up. Couchell has been busy since he took a job as an engineer with Logitech and is working on Logitech’s version of Google TV. Since he is spending so much time working at Logitech, he has had less and less time to spend on Bloo. Couple this with all of the hiccups Facebook has and you have a recipe for disaster.