The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Review: Great Phone, Bad Carrier



Heard I was getting this phone and got excited. Its a pretty cool phone from what I hear, plus there are four versions and I get to try them all, different take on one phone four different times, awesome. This one is pretty cool as expected.


This phone has a look I have not seen, nice, sleek, thin and the removing the battery is even different. Its shiny until you get to the back, the words Galaxy S stand out in silver against a dull yet awesome background. Its a very sleek phone and I noticed right away as I pulled it from its box.


Samsung Hummingbird S5PC110, 1 Ghz with 512MB Ram and microSD support of up to 32 gig plus either an 8 or 16 gig internal storage. You also get a 5mp camera that shoots 720p.


The Screen is a 4.0″ WVGA Super AMOLED(800×480) with mDNIe and its BRIGHT! The lowest setting is brighter than ANY phone I have EVER seen. I capitalize these words because I really really mean that, no over exaggeration at all. The screen is bright, brilliant, makes any picture look better.


Li-pol 1500mAh Talk time: 2G/803 min, 3G/393 min. Standby time: 2G/750 hrs, 3G/576 hrs. It does well, very well! The battery lasts ALL DAY LONG. It literally keeps going and going and going. Its really awesome, the Captivate has done a really good job at keeping a charge and I am not sure if its an AT&T thing or if its the fact that its locked down, but it just keeps going!

Operating System

The phone has 2.1 loaded on it, but its supposed to get 2.2 asap. Kind of interested to see how 2.2 will be with the updated TouchWiz software on it. 2.1 runs pretty smooth, but it seems that sometimes TouchWiz slows the phone down or causes it to lag, its not as refined as Sense UI, but you can tell its getting there.


Again, this does have the latest version of TouchWiz and its pretty sleek. It has the same things as some other Samsung phones like when you pull the notifications down you get the WiFi, Vibrate, Sound off bar. This phone also comes with brand new Live Wall Papers and they are pretty slick they all interact with your touch and its awesome. Plus there are new widgets as well, clocks and text messaging widgets, this phone really digs deep into social and lets you experience it all.


Widgets! That seems to be the aim of Samsung’s Game, widgets are pretty big on this phone, a whole new set of widgets comes with it.

Key Board

No Hard Keyboard but it does come with three soft keyboards, if you don’t like the android keyboard they give you a samsung keyboard… not a fan of that? Swype is included free with the phone and its not a trial, the worlds fastest text messaging keyboard system comes with the Samsung Galaxy S.

Web Browsing,  Camera and Video

Web works pretty well on 3G but when you slip into Edge, its not very fun or usable in my opinion. Its a good web experience though when you are rocking 3G which is a lot of the time for me. The camera is a 5mp and is nice, the pictures look good. There is no dedicated flash and no dedicated camera button but day light pictures are very crisp and clear. Not sure why they left those features out. The phone can also record in 720p HD video, thats always good

Call Quality

The calls are good when I have service, that seems to be the AT&T downfall, my service is as low as its ever been, no other phone goes this low at times. Its sad, thats all it really is. I dropped a call the other day, something I have never done on a current gen smartphone


  • It Comes with its Own Widgets
  • Good Smart Phone
  • Good Camera
  • New TouchWiz UI
  • 2.1 OS and is Getting Upgraded
  • The Battery Is Awesome


  • No Flash or Camera Button
  • Almost Looks Too Much Like an iPhone
  • Freezes Every Now and Again
  • Bad Network
  • Reboots for No Reason, Maybe Memory Full?

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

Want a nice phone, get this if you must stick with AT&T for some reason, or even if you straight up like AT&T, this one is for you, its sleek, thin and awesome. The battery lasts for ages and its worth the money. The camera is good, the screen is amazing and the calls are clear when you have full bars.

Hand holding phone with Android Headlines logo Tomorrow's Tech, Today's News
Hand holding phone with Android Headlines logo Tomorrow's Tech, Today's News