T-Mobile myTouch HD first HSPA+ phone close to Unvieling

July 28, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

T-Mobile is close to unveiling their first HSPA+ handset, but no hard details about the phone have been available yet. According to the leaked T-Mobile roadmap, we believe this device is the HTC Vanguard (scheduled for release on September 9th), but still no one knows for sure what the phone will look like.

Some have speculated this device could be the rumored HTC Vision, which was spotted with T-Mobile branding. Now a new leak from Android Central reveals a second device, the myTouch HD, which also might be the first HSPA+ handset.

There is a good chance both phones will eventually come to T-Mobile, but which will be the first? HTC has two more Android phones that will launch this year on T-Mobile according to the leaked roadmap – the HTC Vanguard and HTC Emerald.

Based on previous speculation, many believe the HTC Emerald is the Project Emerald we have been talking about, which was said to feature a slide-out keyboard. If we stick with that same line of thinking then the HTC Vanguard is the myTouch HD (Sept. 9) and the HTC Emerald is the Vision (Nov 5.).

T-Mobile has invested heavily in their myTouch brand of Android phones, so I don’t think many of us would be surprised to see a myTouch HD as the next flagship product and the first phone with HSPA+ support. If that turns out to be true, then the Vision will become the Sidekick-replacement and follow later in the year.

Look for more details to leak in the coming weeks. Which phone do you think matches up with each codename?