T-Mobile HTC Vision New Leak Picture, May be Called G1 Blaze

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A new leaked picture of the rumored HTC Vision has made it’s way into the wild via engadget.This is new clean crisp photo of the device from a tipster.The device is clearly branded with the T-Mobile logo on it that supports earlier claims that this phone will arrive on TMO Network but questions still arise if it is going to Europe or North American bound or possibly both.Rumored specs have it with a 1GHz snapdragon processor and spacious Qwerty slider keyboard and a 3.7 WVGA screen.

The HTC Vision pictures have been leaking over the past month which would leave us to believe that this phone is not far off and we should see it this fall. One other leak that accompanied this picture was the tipster saying was that this phone may also get a new name from T-Mobile the “G1 Blaze” which has been thrown around a few times in the rumor mill aswell.This new HTC offering would certainly do the G1 name justice and bring HTC a new Android Qwerty phone to market to rival Motorola’s upcoming release next month of the Droid 2.Tell us what you think about this new HTC Vision/ G1 Blaze,does it have TMO customers excited?