Soar the Skies: My Paper Plane - Android Game Review

App Name: My Paper Plane by Wavecade

Description: My Paper Plane is accelerometer game where you pilot your paper plane though obstacles in this tiny 3d flyer.Simply tilt your phone to steer your plane left and right, collect blue cubes to gain altitude and score points!

How it works: This game allows the user to use the accelerometer to tilt a paper airplane in order to collect items. The gameplay is relatively simple and allow you to have 3 difficulty settings: easy, medium and hard. In each level the user is required to collect all the items before they can progress to the next stage. As each level progress, the difficulty is higher with jumping boxes and flying objects to obstruct your path. Each level is uniquely design and the later level does require some additional thinking in order to collect all of the items. Furthermore, each level gives u a boost items to give lift to the paper plane in case of emergency, there is also a reset accelerometer button which allow you to reset your accelerometer should there be any problems.


Playing this game reminds me of the days when I folded paper airplanes and fly them back in high school during class. This takes that idea and makes it on a grander scale. Instead of the classroom I now need to fly and avoid obstacles in order to collect items. While the concept is great and it is fun, it does tend to get boring after a while. In the higher levels it does give a little tension as u fly through different areas but overall it does give little in terms of adrenaline when compared to other 3D flying games on the android. One of the things I wanted to point out is that it is hard sometimes to judge where the plane is in proportion to the objects. There had been many instances where I was aiming for the objects but it didn't capture the object and had to make a circle around. While there had been other times, where I was completely off and yet it got the object. It is hard to tell even with the 3D perspective and a different camera angle or the ability to change would have been a nice addition.

Furthermore, the lack of music and only sound effects makes it a quick time waster for the doctor's or dentist's appointment. In later levels it might be hard to track where all those square are so an indicator would have been welcomed. I do love the fact that, if a call comes in or the home button is pressed the game freezes the state where I am in and resumes when I load back the game. A feature I think some games lack and that all games should have.


  • Speed (4/5) -Runs smoothly, Plane responds quite well to accelerometer.
  • Features (3/5) - Only one mode, selecting difficulty just skips levels
  • Theme (4/5) - Nice simple theme, goes with the paper plane theme.
  • Overall (4/5) - Fun Gameplay and lots of obstacles, but sometimes it can't detect the picking up of objects


  • Fun Time Waster
  • Good use of accelerometer and graphic engine


  • Gets boring after a while, only one mode.
  • Lack of background music
  • Sometimes can't detect the grabbing of boxes.

Conclusion: In conclusion I think that most people will find this fun for a while. The use of accelerometer and 3D effects add a lot to an otherwise simple game. Despite lacking scoreboards,multi-player or even other modes it still does makes it a good time waster to download when users want to fire a quick game on the go.

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