Samsung TouchWiz UI Running On The Google Nexus One


With the Samsung Galaxy S series of phones launching across the US, with its controversial Touch Wiz UI, it doesn't surprise me that it has been made available for others. Developer rolle3k over at XDA-Developers has managed to create the Touch Wiz UI in a simple APK file. You heard that right. It's not a ROM or ZIP file so no flashing is required. It's great to get a taste of the UI a little bit early. Here's what the developer has to say,


I've modified the launcher itself to work with Eclair/Froyo framework.jar so you no longer need root to make use of this awesome launcher"

Yup he said it. Root is not required. since it's just a modified launcher file. Now I know it states it is for the Nexus One,  I just downloaded it and installed on to my MyTouch 3G and it works perfectly. It is clean and actually very fast. I am currently running CM6 RC1. Rolle3k has it listed to work with Eclair and Froyo. I kinda like it. I may as well get used to it since I plan to pick my Vibrant up today.

Head on over XDA-Developers and give it a download, it's free after all. Let us know what you think and what device you tried it on.


Source: xda-developers

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