Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) video out demonstration

I'm still not sure how useful this is, but the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones are TV out capable.

This wouldn't be the first time an Android phone has video out options because both the Droid X and HTC EVO have HDMI ports, but the Galaxy S is different because it mirrors everything displayed on your phone (instead of limiting you to select applications).

In order to get this feature to work all you need is a mini stereo (3.5 mm) to RCA video cable. Your local Best Buy or Radio Shack might have them, but your best bet is to order online. I picked up my cables from Amazon for under $5. I have also read that iPod 4G video cables will work as well.

Getting the video out running was simple and it only requires a single toggle in the display settings. Once it is turned on you should see video and hear audio right away. My video quality wasn't the best, but text was still sharp and I had no problems using any of the apps.

To better explain the process, I filmed a quick demonstration that shows how easy it was to setup.

Playing around with my phone hooked to my TV was cool for awhile, but I quickly grew bored of it. This experience gives you a weird twisted idea of what Google TV might look like when running apps, but who wants to hold a phone attached to a six foot cable. Thankfully you can still beam music, pictures, and videos to your TV over WiFi (if it supports DLNA).

After testing this out I doubt I will really go back to it, but I guess it's still a cool feature that some people might find useful. What kind of ideas can you come up with for using your Android phone with your TV?

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