Road SMS On The Galaxy S Makes Texting Easier

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There's no special engineering going on here, just an Andriod app and an extreme case of cleverness.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S, you can download Samsung's custom Android app called Road SMS. It's a simple text messaging program, but instead of the dull metallic backdrop of your average mobile OS, Road SMS pipes a live video feed from the rear of the phone behind the UI.

In other words, the phone simulates a window rather than providing a mere screen. Yes, it probably burns the heck out of your battery. But in a world we've cropped to a series of 3.5-inch screens, there are worse fates than getting a piece of our environment back. UPDATE: Apparently, Type n Walk on the iPhone does this as well. In other words, YOUR IPHONE IS STILL GREAT, FANBOYS, THINGS ARE GOING TO BE OK. [Android Community viaSlashGear]

Tell us if you have this! I can not find it!