REVIEW: The Motorola Droid X – The Beast You Been Waiting For



The Droid X is a beast, I knew it when I first heard about it. So many features surely makes this an iPhone competitor right? Well read on to find out, going to go over it all and let you know the ins and outs of this spectacular piece of equipment. Funny, Everyone said Motorola was out of the Android Game, glad they decided to stick around a bit!



Its sleek! VERY sleek, thing, easy to grip, easy to handle. The whole phone flows with the rest of the phone. The name fits, it seems to have that… X Factor. The thing everyone wants, had an iPhone user at work get all gaga eyed over it, I handed to him and he had to look it over. Its just.. nice.




1Ghz processor (1Ghz TI OMAP3630-1000 to be exact), an 8mp camera, a sleek, nicely built casing that is light, yet durable. It comes with an internal 8 gig hard drive and an external 16 gig sd card. Its another powerhouse, but just because it comes with 16 doesn't meant thats the limit. It can be upgraded to a 32 gig giving this phone the possibility of having 40 gigs of hard drive space! Thats a lot of music, pictures, video… whatever.


4.3 inches, that needs to be said first. It makes everything bigger, feels brighter, and feels clearer too! I love these 4.3 screens and I never thought I would. They put other phones to shame I feel!



The battery on this beast is no different than anything else, its powerful. It a 1540 mAh Internal rechargeable removable lithium-ion polymer battery. It has 8 Hours talk time and it does a good job at keeping true to that. I hate to say it, but the Evo bows to this battery, the battery and space is managed different it seems. There is also 220 Hours Standby Time which is nice if you aren't doing a thing. That's where it seems to do best. I leave it resting in my pocket and the battery just stays! Its not like other phones or phones with roms (which I doubt this needs) it seems that maybe Motorola has figured something out with this battery, struck gold hopefully.

Operating System


2.1 update 1 is running this device, Its not motoblur but it feels similar. Its just a different UI, a good UI. Motoblur feels… weird, this just works.


Like I said, not moto blur, something better and different and I think part of the reason the battery is so good is because its running whatever we will call this software, I have heard its Ninja Blur, or maybe thats rumors of something else. Either way its good, it works, I like how it integrates, it feels slick.



Much like sense UI, this comes with its own widgets, the Motorola widgets. It has its own power widget-like setup with airplane toggle, bluetooth toggle, wifi toggle, gps toggle,  calender and much more! It also has specialized widgets that are changeable in size! The apps are awesome, it also comes with a demo of need for speed shift by EA, it comes with a blockbuster on demand app hosted by VCast. It also has many more features to explore and figure out. I like what they have done here, they don't feel like crap apps that they throw on to promote themselves, they ARE indeed useful.


Key Board

There is no hard keyboard, but the soft virtual keyboard has been getting raves from everyone, xda forums liked it so much they pulled the keyboard off this phone and are distributing it to the masses. Its a great keyboard, and it feels right. You don't even need a hard keyboard. The screen size plus the responsiveness make it great. This is the FIRST keyboard to show true multitouch on a keyboard and it works well. I have yet to need it, but I have tested it to make sure it works.

Web Browsing,  Camera and Video

The browser is the same as always and it works, however, one thing I noticed is that it would say the browser memory is full from time to time. You have to reset your location stuff and its really weird, as of now its not fixed, but not many have the phone and I am sure an update will come, it has a TON of power and its probably something that got over looked. As for the amazing 8mp camera and the awesome 720 p video…. I can't say enough good. It is just as good as a fancy camera that you would easily pay 100-300 dollars for yet you get it for free more or less, free with the phone so to speak. I love how clear and crisp it comes out, not only that but it gives you multiple settings for pictures and video. Stuff like black and white, sepia etc and they can be used on both!

Call quality

Never had a dropped call yet! Works great no matter how I hold it. The speaker is nice and loud on the back and the ear piece. I love talking on this device, nice and big and crystal clear calls.


  • Its fast, and smooth
  • It comes with its own widgets
  • There is a new screen selector (7 screens)
  • Great Camera and Video quality
  • Not Motoblur, its better
  • 16gig sd card comes with it
  • 2.1 OS and its getting 2.2 in August


  • It sometimes freezes, but the more and more I use it, the less and less it does it.

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

The phone can and does compete with iPhone on so many levels! It feels right, its easy to hold, light weight, better camera than most phones on the market. It can record in 720p and then an HDMI port can move it to your TV and let your whole family or group of friends enjoy what you took video of. The GPS works great, call quality is impressive and much more! I can't say enough good about this phone, Moto Droid was good, this phone is great! Other than temporary freezing, I have YET to see one major harmful bug or glitch. It feels right. Glad that this phone was made, glad I could use it and I think this will catch on better than the Moto Droid. Its at a 199 dollar price point after mail in rebate of $100 (thats what the moto droid cost me) and its worth every penny!