REVIEW: T-Mobile G1 Blue Protector Case


Product Name: T-Mobile G1 Blue Protector Case

Description: Its a blue case (that is actually 3 separate pieces) that covers the whole phone, except the buttons and the camera hole as well as the screen. Its hard plastic and is quite protective like it says. The plastic is hard to get off, which in my opinion is a good thing if you drop it, even on a softer surface.


How it works: It is a hard case that protects your phone from dings or scuffs and it gives an extra sense of personal style. If dropped the case will take the blow and likely not receive scratches or dents. It clips around the phone to secure itself in place

Opinion: Its been a nice case for my wifes G1, she has really enjoyed having that added sense of style and added safety on her phone. She is really liking the dark blue on it. Its been a nice precaution, plus like I said its a personal touch of customization. The clamps are VERY secure, when dropped they do not fly off the phone like some covers do, had a few phones where the covers were obsolete. The buttons are easily accessible still, as is the SD card slot and it doesn't cover the camera.

The sliding is not interfered with at all either, you can easily access the keyboard, in fact it seems to improve the sliding motion a bit as it now seems to have a more cushioned feel to it. The optional belt hook that comes with it is easy to place on the case and easy to remove from the case and is a nice convenience to add to the whole deal.


Ratings :

· Look (5/5) It looks very good and does not take from the phone, its a very good color.

· Features (5/5) Its easy to take on and off, but not TOO easy it doesn't fall off the phone easily.


· Feel (5/5) – Its easily gripped, its not too slippery or too bulky.

· Overall 5/5) Its just a GOOD cover, I am glad we got it.


  • Protects the phone
  • Still easily access all the buttons and touch screen
  • Has a cushion when using the slider
  • Still can access the SD card and charging port as well


  • If you need to do a lot of battery pulls its a tad difficult to be pulling the back part off a lot (may not be all that bad though)

Conclusion: We are very glad we got this cover, its been nothing but good and serves a GREAT purpose. Its a fun little addition to an older model phone that really spices it up. was awesome to deal with as well! You can find this product and A LOT MORE there.

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