PhoneWeaver for Android Now in the Market!

phoneweaver for android released

Phone profile management app, PhoneWeaver, is now available for Android users. It is a great automated profile manager app allowing you to configure the phone and allow it to automatically change your profile based on your schedule and other factors. See the press release and video below for more info.

Android users rejoice, PhoneWeaver, the world's best profile manager, now released for Android phones!

June 30, 2010 – Today, SBSH Software announced the release of its world leading profile manager application, PhoneWeaver, for Android phones!

PhoneWeaver is the ultimate profiles manager! Using PhoneWeaver, users can define smart profiles that are activated automatically based on time, agenda, powerconnection and even location! Each profile can fully control your phone sound settings, notifications, communication and much more! With PhoneWeaver, your phone status adopts to your lifestyle like a real smart phone should!

PhoneWeaver for Android Highlights

  • Automated Profiles – Create smart profiles that are activated manually or automatically based on time, agenda, connections or location!
  • Smart Profiles – Each of PhoneWeaver's profiles fully controls every aspect of your phone, including full sounds control, communication and additional advanced options, such as ability to launch applications, control your screen brightness and more!
  • Widget – PhoneWeaver comes with a Home Screen Widget, helping you view and switch profiles easily
  • Top Bar Notification – PhoneWeaver places a top bar icon indicating the currently selected profile, making it clearly visible no matter what application are you currently using, and even when your device is locked!

Click here to read our developer's note and get the full details about the new PhoneWeaver for Android release.

Pricing and Availability

PhoneWeaver for Android costs $6.99

PhoneWeaver can be registered via the Android Market. To do so scan the barcode here below using your Android phone, or, search for the word "PhoneWeaver" within your Android Market application on your phone.

* PhoneWeaver for Android will be made available via traditional online stores, such as: Mobihand, Handango, PocketGear, Pocketland and more wihtin the next few days.

Further Information and Download Details

PhoneWeaver for Android web-page and screenshots

PhoneWeaver is also available for the following platform:
PhoneWeaver for Windows Mobile Touch web-page and screenshots

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