Phone Halo Review: Never Lose Your Phone or Stuff Again!

App Name: Phone Halo Protect by Phone Halo


I heard about Phone Halo and wanted to see more, so we requested a device and I checked out the app. Both seem like they would do a great job. Fast Forward, I got the device, I am now using it and its working great.

How it works: This app works by pairing your phone with a little white box via bluetooth, it then uses GPS to track how far away the device is from you, if you go further than 35 feet, the device beeps and your phone rings with either their ringtone that they setup or your own custom ringtone that you can setup. If its gone long enough, it will email you and twitter you and even could send an SMS to a friends phone letting everyone know that things have gone sour!

Opinion: I think its great, they are working on bugs with 2.2 but on my 2.1 Evo it has been doing wonderfully. If I am too far away it locks my screen and plays a ringtone and lets others know that if they don't input a pin, they can't access my phone. Its awesome and works great. Works if you lose your handset at a party, or if you are like my mom, you just lost it... anywhere! It works.


The phone Halo device comes in a box with instructions, with the little white device and with a charger, the charger can be plugged in when the little light on the device goes red, when it turns off, your device is ready to use and they tell me it can be used for up to 3 days with out another charge and I think thats great. It fits RIGHT on my key chain and isn't a bother for me.


  • You can find what you thought was lost
  • The app can help you find your keys or purse, if thats what the phone halo device is connected to
  • It uses GPS, it could also be used to help find your car if you leave the phone halo device in your car
  • Never lose things!


  • Doesn't yet work with 2.2 but its being worked on, may work by release date.
  • Is a tad buggy, the app went off when the evo was in my left pocket and the device was in my right pocket

Conclusion: I think this is for ANYONE who loses ANYTHING! The phone halo device could be connected to your wallet if you have to! Its a great device and does what it says. If you want an app that does a great job at keeping your lost things found, or not letting them get lost in the first place, I strongly recommend you get this. Its great and does a nice job at exactly what it says it will do.

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