Onion News Network, Tomorrow's News Today: An Android App Review

App Name: Onion News Network by the Onion

Description: Watch the entire Onion News Network video catalog for free with The Onion's first Android app.See the latest videos, sort by show, access popular segments, editors picks and search ONN's vast archives.

How it works: The Onion News Network is an Android app that allows you to watch all the silly and funny satirical news that The Onion has to offer. The application advertises that the entire Onion library is available. From the main window your options are: recent, shows, editor's picks and HTC. The recent category displays the recent videos of the Onion Network. The shows tab displays the six shows featured on Onion (Onion News Network, Today Now, In the know, OSN, O-Span and tech trends). The Editor's Picks section displays just that and HTC features some HTC videos.

Opinion: My first encounter with the Onion was bout two years ago. I thought the Newscast were very awkward at first but as I played through a few of them – I was hooked. The creativity of the Staff is great and the humor is endless. There are many news parody content on the web but The Onion Network has a great place among them. If you are a news lover and enjoy parodies of all kinds, then head to the Android Marketplace and download the Onion Network.



  • Speed (4/5) – Very smooth video playback
  • Features (4/5) – Share on Face-book and Email
  • Theme (4/5) – Satirical articles and newscasts
  • Overall (5/5) – Great news application for any time of day.

Pro: Videos are smooth and play very well even on older hardware like a G1.

Cons: Email closes out the video that you are currently watching.


Overall: The onion news network will keep you well entertained with their funny videos.