New Sky+ App for Android Phones Now Available!

July 28, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

UK readers, this is for you. Sky’s digital tv service can now be controlled via a handy new app for your Android phone. This new app will allow your phone to be a remote control for the service, but it also allows you to log into your account and view programming available. You can also set your box to record certain programs while you are on the go.

David Gibbs, general manager of Sky Mobile, has commented that the new app gives its subscribers greater control and choice over their viewing while they are away from home. “The success of the Sky+ app indicates that there is a real demand for innovative products such as Remote Record,” he commented. He is very right. Sky has also noted that there have already been more than a million downloads of this new app!

I must note that while the app is free, you do have need to have a Sky subscription in order to actually use it. You will be able to create a account for your subscription which you can then link to your app after you have downloaded it. The QR code will be available soon! Enjoy!