Moto Droid Being Phased Out? What Will Happen To Replacement Droids?


Earlier we got this letter from a tipster.

We noticed your posting on the Motorola DROID.


We realize customers are being impacted by Motorola's decision to
stop production of the DROID. We regret the inconvenience that this
is causing customers who have filed a claim with Asurion and
anticipated receiving a replacement Motorola Droid. We have put
together a plan to address the needs of our customers.

We have partnered with Verizon Wireless to provide the following 3
Android options as comparable replacements: the Motorola Devour, LG
Ally and HTC Eris. We are also able to provide customers with a
choice of one of several Blackberry models.

We understand that DROID customers are very loyal to their phone.
Future replacement plans include the Droid Incredible and the Droid X
as we anticipate limited shipments in late summer. As soon as these
phones are available to Asurion, they will immediately be offered as
replacement options.


Seems that the Original Moto Droid is leaving, but that does tend to happen when a NEW model comes in, in this case its the Droid 2 coming alter this year. This is a tad irritating to me to know that if my Droid breaks or has a problem (and it might, been through 2 others, and I know others who have had five or so), but if it does, what do I get, an Ally? An Eris, hope not a DEVOUR!

I guess hope your Droid holds together or demand the Droid X/Incredible replacement treatment. However, not too many more problems will happen unless you cause physical damage to the Droid, I figure they must be learning from mistakes, not as many stuck keys or buttons. Not as many hardware problems, unless you are being hard on your phone.

On the bright side, its good to know that they plan to replace the phones with BETTER phones eventually, when that time comes, we will be sure to update you, we will be pretty excited ourselves.