Is Selling No Name Android Tablets, Scam Or Safe? is selling two android tablets, both are 7 inch tablets and both have similar looks. I decided I wanted to check these tablets out and emailed the site about them, all I got was a VERY snide reply saying that they weren't the manufacturer, merely the retailer. The fishy thing to me is that there isn't a retailer listed on the site!

Comments on the site also appear to be sketchy, some are asking for more info where as others just don't trust the product. Further more, after looking around the page of the site a bit I realized that up in the right hand corner is the word Generic, after putting two and two together I realize that is the MAKER, they don't list one, just "Generic". Fishy fishy!

Check the bottom of the box, it says iRobot, but after looking around, I am not even sure iRobot makes this tablet, wonder if they put a fake tablet with the box? Maybe they do, but other iRobot tablets don't look like this

Another finding says that the black tablet is running on Android 1.7, what is that? I know Nook is running on Software 1.4, but that's because its a different software, its for eBooks etc. But this is an Android Tablet (that ships from China) and is likely a cheap knock off and not worth the money you paid. Both of them look great, but the pics also sort of look like mock ups a bit. For the sake of any buyers, I hope this is real. Plus there is no processing speed listed, I will be the first to tell you that wit out full specs, I won't touch something.

Fast forward a day....

I just got emails back from two china companies, both said that the tablets were LEGIT. was a lot nicer today after I told them I was writing a piece on this and the man I emailed said he was getting a tablet and would tell me about it, guess we will see how that works out.

Then I emailed a few more sites, got this quote

The main hardware is made by Rockchip from Taiwan, and factories in Mainland China assemble it.

Daniel |

And this

Those apads on those links have a slow cpu.
We recommend either the m7 or m003
Cindy | ChinaGrabber
Still not a bunch of info on a tablet that is Android, all we know its that its Chinese and it seems that they are QUITE under powered compared to phones and even things like Archos models. Hard to say how they will stack up, we can always wait to hear back from
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