Keep Your Finger on the RSS ‘Pulse’ with Alphonso Lab’s new app

July 27, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic
Take your RSS feeds on the go with this intuitive reader. I have been waiting for a decent RSS reader for Android. Sure google Reader is pleasant and somewhat convenient but there’s something about a stand alone app that takes you out of the browser and gives you a slick interface. The ability to scroll up and down to see the various feeds and their recent thumbnail images as well as the ability to scroll horizontally to see the specific articles for that feed, makes for a great news reading experience. Article loadup times are very quick, some take you deeper into detail in the browser but most allow you to read the feed directly in the app. A surprising and welcome feature was the ability to add Google Reader sources directly from the ‘Add sources’ menu. Simply log into Google Reader with your gmail account and presto, select the sources you’d like to add to Pulse.

With the recent debacle surround hype flopped Flipbook (I’m currently in a queue to have my Facebook and Twitter account added to their service, a queue!) I’m happy to see a decent RSS reader hit the market in Pulse. Flipbook is navigating some grey legal waters in that they actually pull content directly from news sources and aggregate it in a magazine format instead of tapping into the RSS feed of the site. Pulse actually ran into some problems with the New York Times when it was first released, NYT stating that Pulse was infringing on content laws. Pulse has been widely downloaded on the iPad and iPhone platform and luckily for us, no functionality was sacrificed when ported over to Android. $1.99 USD on the market place, this app is highly worth it for anyone who wants to take their RSS feeds on the go. TapĀ here to download the app on your android device, or download the free barcode scanner from the market place and scan in the QR code, a much cooler option.