Is the HTC EVO durable?

July 6, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

This is a picture of the new HTC EVO dropped from a few feet to the ground.

Everyone knows that HTC has had problems with their screens. The EVO sports a 4.3″ screen compared to the new IPhone 4 at 3.5″. Some of the problems HTC has faced, is the glue not holding the screen and the availability of the screen. The newest screens are supplied by EPSON. HTC started using these due to the shortage of the first screen they used. The phone is in high demand and who could blame them, they wanted to get the phone back on the market while the phone is hot. They couldn’t afford long out of stock issues like the Incredible. The new screen from EPSON doesn’t seem to be as durable though (see picture).

So, what do you think? Did HTC make the right decision?