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Memory Booster, by DownloadAndroid, has received a recent update providing some useful features. Memory booster is an app which can keep your Android device running smooth and provides the potential to increase your battery life by up to 50%.

The new features of version 1.5 include an auto boost function, whitelist manager and boost level manager. The whitelist manager works as an ignore list for killing tasks while auto boost will work in the background to keep your system running efficiently. This sounds a lot like advanced task killer with auto kill. Furthermore, the whitelist manager is only usable after a purchase of $2.99 USD; the app is free without it. Advanced Task Killer is an app which provides these same functions, while also remaining free.


Memory Booster is, however, slightly more advanced than ATK. A few key highlights are:

  • Set your performance target – in other words, set a threshold of a minimum desired free RAM
  • One-Click Memory boosting – similar to kill all, but Quick boost will remember the settings which work best on your device
  • Crash Protection – MB will automatically prevent your system from reaching inadequate resource levels (which cause crashes)
  • (My personal favourite) a graph which shows you a log of memory usage over time and how much is being saved.

Now the big question? Is it necessary?

Some would argue yes.


Google, however, has officially stated that Task Killers (and I am guessing, potentially, Memory Boosters) can be more harmful than helpful. Furthermore, Google and Linux users alike state that having 5 MB of free RAM is no different than 50MB or 250MB. "Free Ram is Wasted Ram". The technical details can get a little hairy, but essentially the Android OS is smart enough to pause/stop applications from running, but will leave them on. This means that the applications will show as running and will take up RAM, but will not affect the speed of your device or the battery usage. In fact, it should increase the speed and battery life as it will take less time/resources to re-open popular programs.

For more information, I suggest a browse through

The choice is yours. If you find that freeing up RAM on your device helps, than I'd suggest checking out this app.

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