Huawei S7 Tablet Reviewed and Ready For Sale

huawei smakit7new

Huawei originally had tomorrow down as the shipping date for the SmaKit, their new 7in Android 2.1 tablet but they have just announced that this will be put back to the beginning of August.

Bigger than Dell Streak and smaller than an iPad the S7 is set to retail for around $450 (in the UK) say the online retailer Expansys who will be selling the device.

Initially it looks great, it packs a 768 MHz Snapdragon processor, which although slower than some top end phones, should suffice for most purposes – like watching your favourite DVD perhaps? With its chunky seven inch screen (800 x 480 px) you would think so, but if you have a taste for epic movies then don't expect to watch anything longer than 100 minutes unless you are close to a wall unit because that, apparently, is its battery life. This though is based on a review unit and the finished article may well have been configured to provide something more like the longevity the Streak is capable of. The other element that may change before final release is the resistive touchscreen which is sluggish compared to the capacitive screens featured on most Android handhelds.

At 500 grams it feels too big to be a phone but not big enough to be a tablet computer – I suppose if you can't decide between the two, then it's a good choice.