HTC Incredible TV-Out In Your Car!

July 26, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Have you ever wanted to use the TV-Out feature in HTC’s Droid Incredible? Well, now you have a reason to.

With a simple in-expensive cable, you can hook up your Incredible to your cars monitor in dash display. Your entire GPS Navigation will be a home screen! This video shows some cool things you can do while hooked up to the in-dash display.

If you have Sense or some other home that doesn’t allow you to view in landscape mode, check out LauncherPro or ADW home replacement. They are available on the Android Marketplace and allow you to view your home screens in landscape mode. It will make TV-Out feature look way better.

Watching videos or using Google Navigation works excellent and it is a very cool feature overall.

– Ian Laird