HTC Desire Passes through FCC with North American 3G Bands

July 8, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Today, we are learning that the HTC Desire has passed through FCC sporting North American 3G bands supporting WCDMA bands I, II, and V and is headed our way. We were supposed to see the HTC Desire’s release as the HTC Triumph June 8th on Telus. When they said June 8th, did they really mean August 8th?

The WCDMA bands that this device is sporting could fit wireless carriers like Telus, Rogers, Bell or AT&T. Don’t rule out AT&T just yet, though. With their latest device, the Samsung Captivate, maybe they could learn to embrace high-end Android devices. My bet is this device is going to Telus because of their previous claim, but when?