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We are big proponents of Google Apps for small to mid-size companies, and Google Voice could become an integral member of the Apps family. As with other services like this, we test it on ourselves first and then encourge our "early adopter" clients to try it before recommending it to average users. Google Voice has proven to be very useful, and reliable enough after a couple of months, even though Google still considers it a beta application. See our blog to read detailed comments about Google Voice.

But one thing we noticed is that people keep closing their Web browser, or navigating away from the Google Voice Web site. When that happens they miss messages, don't use Google Voice when they could for outgoing calls and text messages, and generally don't use it much. To help keep Google Voice open on the desktop we created this application. We used Adobe AIR so the same application could be used on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.


If you like this app and want to see us continue adding features please consider making a donation. We have no other way to know how many people are using the app, or whether you like it. Help us to keep making it better.

NOTE: This code is currently under development and may contain bugs. We are not aware of any serious problems, but you should consider this beta code. We expect that it will work properly for you, but if you notice any unexpected behavior please use our Contact Us page to report the problem.

Click the "INSTALL NOW" button over on the left to begin the automatic installation process. If that doesn't work for some reason you can install the software manually by following these two steps:

  1. Get Adobe AIR from the Adobe Web site and install that, if you don't already have it installed
  2. Get the Google Voice app

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