Google Has Hidden Something in Your Phone, What Is It?

Call me stupid if you want because you may already know about this neat little feature built into the default Android keyboard, but I found this totally by mistake and it's really pretty cool.  So, yes, if you've seen it before and it's old news to you, then go ahead and laugh, but I've asked several people now and only one person has ever seen it before.

'So what is it?' I hear you asking.  I'm always switching to numeric input to enter values and then switching back once I'm finished, but if you follow this guide, you'll never have to switch again.

Bring up your on screen keyboard and then touch it anywhere as if you're going to type.  Instead of pressing the letter, swipe your finger up the screen until your finger is above the top row of letters.  A numeric/symbol pop up keyboard should appear above your standard keys.

So if you've seen it before, then you're probably saying, 'yeah, yeah,' but if not, well now you know.

Here's your standard Android keyboard in all its glory:

And here's what happens when you swipe your finger up the screen:

Enjoy your new keyboard extension courtesy of Google and the Android OS.  Let us know what versions of Android you try this on.  We'd love to know if it's always been there or if it's something new.

Do you guys know any other little secrets or Easter eggs hidden inside Google's Android OS?  Let us know in the comments below!

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