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App Name: Appoke by The Appoke Team.

Description: Discover your friends' Android apps by browsing their installed apps. Recommend apps to your friends by sending them instant notifications. Subscribe to your friends updates and see their comments and likes in real time. Install apps in one click from your Web browser or directly from your phone.


How it works: Appoke is an app for finding Android apps for your phone like the Android Market but it has additional features too.

Appoke has all the categories like the regular Android Market so you can browse that way or if you are looking for something specific you can search for it with the search option. And once you have downloaded an app from Appoke you can recommend it to friends you have on Appoke.

On the main screen you have a scrollable list of featured apps across the top and the news feed of recent commented apps.  You can click on one of the items in the news feed and it pulls up the 'x person liked this application' clicking on that will pull up that persons profile.


You can view your profile on the app where you can see any friends on Appoke, your news feed and the apps you have downloaded.

Appoke can be accessed from their website or from your phone and you can download any apps you find directly to your phone from the computer or phone.

Appoke is in a private beta right now, so unfortunately it isn't available on the Market yet. You can go to to request an invitation, but you may not have any invitation till it goes public.


Opinion: I like the idea of this app better than AppBrain because the apps download better (and faster) than being put in a queue to download later.  But without any friends on this app I am limited to just download apps because I can only recommend to people who are my friends on here.  Also as it is pretty new the amount of apps is very limited, but I expect that to change once this comes out of beta.

Ratings :

  • Speed (5/5) –   The downloads are fast, faster than the Market at times.
  • Features (4/5) –  The regular market but with viral recommends is good but right now the amount of apps is very limited.
  • Theme (3/5) –  It looks nice but the graphics of the apps need some work
  • Overall (4/5) –  This app has a lot of potential which hopefully will be met once it comes out of beta status.


  • Fast downloads of the apps.
  • Viral recommends to friends.
  • Direct download from website.


  • Limited apps available.
  • Graphics need improvement.

Conclusion: I would like to see this app come to its full potential because it could give the regular Android Market a run for its money.  It gives great options to spread the good apps to other friends which is how the Market should work.

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