Galaxy S Users: How to get notifications when your phone is asleep

thumb 550 vibrant alert

Many phones lack the ability to notify us of an alert when our handset is asleep. This is also true for the new Galaxy S phones hitting the streets. The only way for us t0 tell if we have missed something is to wake up the phone and check it on our own. Or, go and get this gem of an app from madmack at XDA Developers. When you have a notification, this app puts a small red square in the top left corner of your otherwise blank screen, alerting you to a missed notification. Some of you instantly thought of burning pixels. The square does not sit in the same place so no worries! I must mention that this app is still in BETA so things are being worked through. Head here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=730692 and check it out!