GalaxIR, Planet Raid: Android App Review

App Name:  GalaxIR by MeryoDev

Description: Conquer the enemy planets and be the dominant force in the entire universe.

How it works:  Your objective is simple: conquer the planets. You start by being the blue player which can be changed  in the settings of the game. Once you begin the game, you can drag your finger from your planet to the other planets to begin conquering them. Once you drain the energy from the opponents, what used to be their planet becomes your planet. Conquer all the planets and you win the match.


Opinion: What can we possible say about a game like GalaxIR? The objective of the game is right to the point. We conquer planets! That's what we do! Any questions? Good! This title offers a fairly satisfactory galactic soundtrack. The game has six difficulty levels (easy, less easy, normal, hard, very hard, too hard for you) and you can select up to three AI opponents bringing the actual on screen tally up to four players. You can also choose your map size (small, medium, large) to make the dragging and dropping a little more interesting.  GalaxIR also offers online and blue-tooth multi-player. Take the game online and show the world what you can do! The multiplayer process requires you to create an online tag and from there you can jump in the game. GalaxIR, with its one track gaming plot, can be a fun filled or frustrating title and the challenge of conquering the worlds keeps you begging for more!


  • Speed (4/5) –  Very Smooth.
  • Features (4/5) – Drag and drop, multi-player and auto screen rotation.
  • Theme (4/5) – Galactic Domination.
  • Overall (3/5) – Very good for a simple title.

Pro: Simple and addictive.


Cons: This game could offer some better graphics.

Overall: For a lightweight title such as this, it does pack a punch.

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