Facetoc Android Application: Update your Facebook Status via Speech

Facetoc is the latest project in the app family of Greg Carron and Matthew Patience. It comes after twitoc, which allowed you to speak into a widget and words would form your tweet. It was a fast, easy fun way to tweet that you could do from... anywhere! Now added to that is Facetoc, what does it do, you guessed it, it allows you to speak into Facebook and get actual text. What a really cool concept! Smart, intuitive and fun!

Have you ever been driving and needed to say something to somebody, maybe about a change of location, of course they will be on facebook, nearly everyone is! So What do you do? Typing and walking isn't safe, let alone driving while sending that message. Now you can just speak it with the app. No more getting into facebook and then using the stock 2.1 keyboard to announce whats up, just click the widget, speak and be on your way!

Make Sure to go to the Market and Download it right away!!

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