Exclusive: 'Smiletone' The Android Avenger Video Blog – Microsoft Kin – Rated R


Due to overwhelming popularity we bring "Smiletone" the Android Avenger back and he will be returning every Tuesday evening for another Video blog chapter.We so look forward to seeing what "Smiletone" every week we could hardly wait.Last week Smiletone was very upset with Steve Jobs and let him have it! This week Smiletone has calmed down a little but has set his sights on a new topic 'The Microsoftr Kin'.Make sure to tune in Every Tuesday Evening  at 8:00pm EST for another episode of 'Smiletone' the Android Avenger.

Although we do support Smiletone, all things said are tongue and cheek, meant to be taken with a grain of salt, and we here and Android Headlines do not condone violence of any kind that cause harm to others. But we do support the right of Free Speech and satire. Those of you ready to meet Smiletone, click away! And don't be shy about leaving comments or feedback, we're sure Smiletone would love and appreciate all of the attention, after all he does give Android a whole lot of it! Remember, this is for comedic entertainment of Android related content! Enjoy!"

Android Headlines is proud to present the one and only 'Smiletone" and remember folks, Smiletone is very opinionated and calls things out as he sees them. Without further due we present to you "Smiletone"  The Android Avenger!

In Case you missed last week's episode here it is

Smiletone's Android Demo Video from earlier in the year just in case you can't get enough