Exclusive Interview with Phone Halo

logo phone halo2

  • What gave you the idea for the Phone Halo Device?

While we were sitting at the Carrillo dining commons at brainstorming for the UCSB New Venture Competition our friend came in and sat down next to us and said "bro, I just lost my phone".  We immediately knew that was the problem we must solve.  We quickly realized that it would be very difficult to lose your phone if it was tied to your keys and wallet as well.  With that we came up with the idea of a "wireless leash"

  • How did the idea to use bluetooth and GPS come about?

When we thought about creating a wireless leash, using Bluetooth as the core wireless technology was an easy choice because of its mass adoption and versatility.  GPS came later while we were developing the "complete solution to loss" to enable users to find items after they lose them.

  • Does 2.2 require any change?

We're currently testing Bluetooth connections in 2.2

  • Tell Android Fans a Little about phone halo

Phone Halo is a start up from UCSB that began as a senior project.  The company's goal is to use wireless technologies and mobile apps to create the internet of things.

  • What got you started developing Android Applications?

After the Motorola Droid was released, we saw that Android was going to be as big or bigger than any other mobile platform.

  • phone halo is getting recognition, are you surprised by the popularity?

We've really thrown everything we have into this product and we're very happy with the recognition.  It makes us excited to create more and better products.

  • There is nothing else like phone halo really, right?

Using MobileMe or paying for phone insurance are the closest substitutes to my knowledge

  • Tell us why Android users would want to get phone halo

Keeps you from losing your phone and other valuables

  • What new features can you share with android users that will be coming to phone halo?

Device battery level readings and a lot more integration with internet technologies

  • Are you thinking of doing other apps in the future?

Yes, lots all involving Bluetooth accessories

  • What do find is the easiest thing about developing for android compared to other Mobile OS's?

The XML gui design and the ease in distributing your app

  • What can be the most frustrating part of developing on the android OS & How does all the different versions of Android OS affect you development of apps?

Different hardware implementations and OS version incompatibilities

  • What would you like to see in future Android OS versions or Changes?

Better UI design feature

  • What is your opinion on the Android Market? positive and negative?

It's the best marketplace out there

  • What kind of Android Phone do you use personally?

Motorola Droid OS 2.1

  • What new phone from Android has you the most excited?


  • Besides Your Own Apps, which apps do you use most on your Android Phone?

Any tower defense and google sky

  • Are there any phones that phone halo doesn't work with?

Phones must run OS 2.0 or higher and have Bluetooth

  • Does Phone Halo work with all OS's?

Phones must run OS 2.0 or higher