Droids Being Replaced with Low End Phones By Insurance

July 23, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

I pay $96 a month to use my Droid. Since I got my phone back in November, $6 of that high priced bill has gone to Asurion, the insurance company that Verizon uses. Like my car insurance, I pay for this so that, if there are any accidents, I can get my Droid fixed up, or get a new one (with a small fee of $100 of course). That’s all changed with the leak that the Droid was nearing it’s end of life. Asurion believes that the Droid has already met it’s end, so you have to choose between two “comparable” models if you need to use their services.

The first is the Motorola Devour – which, if we’re not mistaken, was also on the list for being discontinued soon – or you can get the LG Ally. There are some features in common, like the fact that they are all running some form of Android, and they have a slide out keyboard. Unfortunately, there are a few things that are not quite what you expect from your Droid. The screen sizes are smaller, the cameras have fewer mega-pixels, and neither are looking at getting Android 2.2 soon.

There could be another option soon, however. This is just speculation at the moment, but once the Droid 2 gets released (or even officially announced), it could step in as the replacement. It happens with other phones once an upgraded version comes out, but these aren’t ordinary phones. Plus the Droid 2 specs are as good or better than the Droid’s, and that will only make insurance companies more resilient to handing them away for old merchandise.

If your Droid breaks within the next day (knock on wood), what will you do? Take the options you’re given now? Use that old Razor buried beneath that huge pile of junk you wont throw away and wait to see if you can get the Droid 2? Or will it be a sign that you should go straight for the upgrade and get the Droid X? Let us know below.