Droid X Inventory Update: “Enough to Meet Customer Needs” says Verizon

July 14, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

The verdict is in and it is sheer panic. Verizon hopefuls have been waiting for July 15, the day they can pick up the new Droid X. This is the phone of all phones from Verizon. It is th ephone to compete against the iPhone 4 and the HTC EVO 4G. With only two days left, panic has set in due to an alleged inventory crisis. Well readers, I have proof that Verizon is on top of it.  Verizon has released a statement claiming that they have enough to “meet customer needs.” Below is from a CNN article about the inventory issues Verizon has been facing this summer.

“While we are currently experiencing delays on orders of one of our more popular phones. We view that as an anomaly driven by a combination of supply and popularity,” Brenda Raney said. “At present, we feel that we have done everything possible to ensure we have inventory to meet customer needs around the Droid X-the proof will be in the execution on July 15.”

Below is a screen shot of a warehouse in Memphis that shows plenty on hand after dropping below 10,000 yesterday.

2 days left and we will see if Verizon has pulled it off. I sure hope so!