Custom Android For You! Dyzplastic is Back!

July 23, 2010 - Written By c.alexander

Dyzplastic‘s gotten into the greater graces of every Android-loving being out there with their collection of beautifully crafted replica Android mascots. They’ve brought about many designs for users to collect over the months, but now they’re giving you the ability to do it yourself! They’ll soon be shipping blank-slate “mini collectibles” for you to dress your ‘droid up any way you’d like. They’re cheap, and – pending any decent skills with a paint brush or some markers – they’ll look good sitting next to all the other paraphernalia sitting on your desk. They’ll be offered at the huuuuge San Diego Comic-Con this week for $6, and while stock will be limited, they’ll be available to purchase online soon after.

[Dyzplastic via TalkAndroid]