Chrome OS: "What if your web browser was your OS"

Google and the open source development community have been feverishly working on the Chrome Operating System for quite some time now. Said to be released in the fall, Chrome OS will continue to uphold the stability and integration users have grown to love in Android devices. Chrome OS will be available on entry level netbooks in the $300 Р$400 range and will provide a similar app based UI to that of an android phone. The benefits of Chrome OS is that it is light weight, fast, portable and merges the web experience with a desktop environment. It's a stateless OS meaning that nothing is actually stored on your computer. You log in with your  gmail account to any Chrome OS based device, whether it be a Chrome Tablet or a Chrome netbook, and all of your installed apps, email, youTube prefered videos, everything is there with you. It is not sure to what extent the integration with the Android OS will be, however, it has been mentioned on several occasions that the Market Place or a version of it will be available on Chrome OS. Also, with the release of GoogleTV and its integration with Android, Chrome OS will complete the trifecta of entertainment and productivity greatness. Chrome OS will be an "instant on" operating system giving you access to 90% of what you use a traditional computer for. Google says 90% because you won't have access to Windows based software or games. You will have access to everything you use the Internet for, and according to them, that is the bulk of the user experience. A potential draw back is that if you don't have Internet access you won't be able to use your Tablet or netbook. It is possible that these devices will include 3G support, but Google has another option for you. If you have an Android phone, you could use hotspot tethering to access the Internet on your Chrome device through your smartphone. Although this is a supplemental access plan in the US, it is included for Rogers customers with data plans over 1Gig in Canada. Google is planning on reinventing the way that we use computers. Too long has the traditional operating system been the center of the user's computer experience. Google turns around and asks a simple question, "what if your web browser was your OS??"

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