August 3rd Is The Droid Incredible Ship Date


Even if the HTC Droid Incredible isn't an end-of-life device, it sure is starting to feel like it. We're not even halfway into July and we're already seeing the device's ship date being pushed into early August. I can't imagine HTC is too happy about this considering August 3rd shoots well past July 15th: a day we'll opt to call "dooms day" in preparation for the next generation of Droid.

It's not that the Droid Incredible is selling like hot cakes (and I'm sure it would've been had Verizon and HTC been able to keep them in stock), rather they can't even get the devices into paying customers' hands thanks to shortages. This is due – in part – to Samsung not being able to produce any AMOLED displays fast enough for HTC to put into the phones (which is whythey've recently had to switch over to Super TFT LCD displays, for the time being).


Samsung's most likely pooling all of their resources into Super AMOLED production to use for the production of their latest flagship phone – the Samsung Galaxy S – which is being sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Given this snafu, I can't imagine we'll be seeing many other devices being designed with Super AMOLED displays for at least another year (when Samsung expects their AMOLED production to skyrocket across the boards).

[Verizon via Unwired View]

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