Android World Round Up: Acer Stream UK – Legend in Spain – HTC in China

July 29, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Vodafone Running Stream
We reported last week on eXpansys who were offering the Acer Stream on pre-order, well, now they’ve got together with Vodafone to offer the Stream on a two year contract, with 300 minutes, unlimited texts and a gig of data  for £30 ($47) a month – that works out at at £720 ($1130) over the 24 month contract period. You can buy the handset alone, if you prefer, for £400 ($630). eXpansys generally offer discounts on five units more which is great for the smaller retailer.

Spanish Legend
The HTC Legend is a nice phone, think Hero but with a bit more punch. Its definitely faster and the Sense interface is an improvement on its heroic counterpart. It has an optical trackpad rather than a trackball which everyone, except me, seems to prefer. It looks nicer I guess.

Its a young person’s phone really, with Facebook Twitter and Flickr all neatly sewn into HTC’s Friend Stream widget which would have impressed me far more I suppose, had I any friends to view with it. Vodafone Spain are offering the Legend for just €49 ($64) with a contract and if my Spanish were better I could probably tell you more.

Only 16% of China have cellphones – that’s 200 million people
Despite political differences, trade between China and Taiwan has never been stronger and now (Taiwanese) HTC are teaming up with China Mobile to bring the first two Android handsets to the  mainland. The Tianyi and the Tianxi (pictured) will be marketed under HTC’s Chinese trading name Dopod. If you think you recognise one of the phones, you’d be right; the Tianyi is fundamentally the Wildfire. The Tianxi, on the other hand, is an entirely new phone. It looks rather like results of an unnatural union between an Evo 4G and the Droid Incredible.