Android User Base to take over iPhone by 2010

July 13, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic
It is no secret that apple set the bar for the smart phone back in 2007 with the iPhone and has dominated the market ever since. There seems to be a changing of the guard in our midst. With android based phones available on more cellular networks and in more flavors it isn’t hard to imagine that it would soon outdo the iPhone in terms of sales. Even though the iPhone has many more apps available on it’s App Store, it seems as though android users prefer having a greater selection of handsets then apps. With millions of identical iPhones in people’s hands, it becomes difficult to express ones individuality through the phone they use. Choice is freedom. Recent statistics released by Google’s Admob, indicate that if current trends continue, android phones will outsell the iPhone.

Recent bad press regarding the iPhone’s antenna and it’s reception have paved the way for potentially the greatest android release yet. Droid X, coming out on Wednesday, will surely give iPhone a run for it’s money. Verizon and Motorola have teamed up to release the Droid X superphone to dethrone the almighty AT&T / iPhone Goliath. Things could change if Apple decides to release the iPhone on the Verizon network, greatly increasing its number of potential buyers.