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App Name: All in One by Magma Mobile


All In One is designed to provide a one stop solution for your search queries. You can now search the Google news, blogs, images, videos, web, Wikipedia, patents using Google Apis, Twitter and even the Android Market.


How it works:

This app allows you to search for items through a large number of sources such as Blogs, Videos Twitter and Wikipedia. It goes further to provide searches for books, patents and Android Market items. There is also has a built in browser that allow you to access articles and images you come across. To access the searches you need to state where to search from in terms of countries.  There are over 60 countries to choose from and all news articles are brought up in that countries native language.  The app allows you to input a search term and once selected, it allows you to choose from a number of sources. To access other sources using the same search term, there is a quick button to switch to other sources. Hence, there is no need to retype the search term. The application permits the user to favourite any of its content so they can be easily access through a favourite's button.  Other than saving specific articles or images, it allows the ability to save searches for future references and even multiple searches that uses the same term.  In addition, all of the sources can be share thorough many different ways such as email, friend stream, text messages, Bluetooth, twitter, Plurk and WordPress. There is also a widget that can be used in order to have the ability to give results for a term. It can be refreshed for new content, based on that term. The app works in both portrait and landscape mode for all their items and allows their pinch to zoom capability for their in built browser.



This app provides a good and solid interface and gives lots of different sources to search from in which other search engines lack such as patents and books.  By having different countries and language, it allows all users to get familiar with the program very quickly. It is great to have news in Chinese for Hong Kong and English for Canada.  However, it would have been nicer if they offered language options for all sources instead of just news articles. Furthermore, it is refreshing to know you can set different sources for things like the Market and the Browser. It lets you choose their in-built browser or the Google browser for example. Also, I can choose to use either androlib or the official android market. This offers more choices to use especially since the in built browser takes very long to load webpages over 3G or Wi-Fi. Though, I would have wanted more choice for markets such as sites such like Appbrain were not included. Furthermore, this can help search apps that I couldn't find before because it was country restricted in the Android Marketplace. Once found however, the android market will give an "app not found" error and I had to rely on Androlib to install that app. Therefore, this should not be used to if you want to access apps and games from other countries.

The program comes installed with a widget that allows you to save one search term, though I would have liked it if they were like the Google search bar and allow me to search anytime. However, I couldn't pass the screen without searching for something first. I can create multiple widgets but its gets cluttering and puts me off from using it. In addition, it cannot search through Facebook or music does seem the make the app less tempting to use.  It would have been nice if it offer searches from or streaming music sites as well but with Google music soon, maybe this app could be approve to draw its sources from there. The UI could use a more sparking up, having white background and black text can be very straining to the eye and might put users off into selecting certain articles. It does however give thumbnails pictures for almost all items so I wouldn't stay concentrated on the background too much. By having the background dimming when I select sources or go through your history it feels very refreshing and allows me to focus on what's on hand.



  • Speed (4/5) – The speed is very fluent from loading the app to switching to different types of searches.
  • Features (4/5) – It has a handful list of things to search from. However it can be improved on.
  • Theme (3/5) – It is very basic and has simple looking white background. Menu's flow in and out which, creates a nice animation effect.  For some menus it darkens the background to create a nice focus effect also.
  • Overall (4/5) – The app has great potential to be a search all app. It will be better if I can search through more sources such as Music and able to able to change backgrounds and be able to search through the widget instead.



  • Very Fluid and little to no lag
  • Allows searches from many different countries.
  • Allows favourites to tag your results.


  • Needs more search options and sources
  • Built-in browser loads webpages slower than default browser
  • Widget only allows searching of one item and using the results as a widget.


Conclusion: For an application to call itself All in One, it does lack certain features such as searching music or other social networking sites.  The UI is very simple and the white background can be straining after a long period of time.  Although it is a great search tool for books, Wikipedia and patents, it still lacks the punch to make it all in one.

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