AH SNAP! IGN Is Reviewing Android Games, Recognition at Last.

July 29, 2010 - Written By Mike Corbett

So it appears that IGN is recognizing Android as a viable platform for gaming, finally everyone gets what early G1 adopters understood, what those who took the jump to 2.0 and the droid gets… what the rom builders and devs who figure out root get. Its a good platform.

I really like Android and I have been watching games for Android get better and better, games like NOVA and Need For Speed. Need For Speed comes with the Droid X, its only a demo, but it shows what kind of gaming experience you can get. And no worries on space issues either, 2.2 kind of fixes that. The droid series gets you a 16gb card with them, well not the Incredible, but the others. With that, most phones can upgrade to a 32 gb sd card, that gives newer phones with internal storage and advantage, big one for gaming.

With IGN reviewing games you can now see what sucks and whats good and maybe give devs a standard on games, let them know that lame games are no longer something that will happen. Pretty exciting times, I can’t wait to read more and see these reviews.