xScope Updated: The Fastest Browser Available on Android

Recently xScope Browser Got Faster,Much Faster!! As matter of fact it is now the fastest Browser available on Android.xScope's latest update released this past weekend on the Android Market pushed this already speedy browser passed all the rest. In Independent testing it blew the doors off Android's stock browser and left Dolphin HD in the dust .The best of all is that this browser in Froyo supports flash content. If you HAVE 2.2 you are lucky and get the flash support that comes with this browser.Now if you are looking to save battery life or don't want to use flash at all,you can just turn it off within the options. For the 2.1 users and below, flash will not be enabled but you will be able to enjoy all your favorite sites faster then ever before. This is pretty awesome news, flash and a fast browser, no compromise here. Seems that xScope has become the dominant browser on Android that all browsers will be working to catch up too.

As the benchmarking stats show on the sunspider benchmark,  xScope takes a lot less to load sites then Stock Android and Dophin HD. Even on picture heavy sites this browser still rocks it!

Here  are the actual numbers from the test and let's just say Opera was not even in the running.

One of the better parts about xScope is the themes also, on top of the blazing speed and Flash. Right now I have a red theme on it, but I have also used black and their themes look very sharp.I like my browser like the rest of my phone, customizable! Plus for us 2.1 guys with no flash, you can download a lot of youtube and other videos.I use it all the time to zoom in on pics with JUST ONE HAND. If you are all about speed like most android users then you need to have xScope on your  phone the speed is quite impeccable.This the full Version (webfile task) ,QR Code at the Bottom.

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