xScope Kills SkyFire in Benchmarks and the Rest of Android Browsers

xScope is one of the browser substitutes available for download and use on the Android Market and it seems that everyday this browser grows faster and faster. Recently, Mike Corbett covered the new speed of the app and the developer has once again out done himself and made this browser wicked fast. And just in time, as the WWDC was today, and this app can help Android users know that there are amazing developers out there that do care for the users of the platform.

With many browsers out there on the market, literally, xScope is still the reigning champion and by the looks of things, it will continue to do so and really make Android a lean, mean, web browsing machine!

The browser is available to all versions of Android from 1.5-2.2, of course the restrictions are implied, but the browser will still be a beast as far as rendering sites goes. For those of you who got the 2.2 FroYo leak, you will get flash and will not have that compromised by the performance of the browser making it a win/win no matter what you do. You can also turn

off the flash feature to save battery life if you so desire, but it's the flash that will take a toll on your battery not the browser.

In an independent benchmarking test done on sunspider benchmark,

xScope 19095.8ms has the most impressive numbers when put up against

Skyfire 22807.8msDolphin HD 29912.0ms,and the Stock browser 29619.8ms

(xScope takes almost half the time than stock) Opera wasn't able to complete the

benchmark, which speaks a lot for how advanced things are supposed to be now

and days.

Because speed is such an important issue in today, especially with the impending official release of Android OS 2.2 (FroYo) running the new JIT (Just In Time) compiler, this browser will make a great edition to your already beloved Android device. After all, it is the little things that matter most in functionality and everyday use that makes Android shine, not just a finishing coat and drama.

Like Mike pointed out in his previous article on xScope, another feature aside form speed is that you can personalize it to your liking with themes to reflect your personality, mood, or lifestyle. This browser natively, wants to be the browser that you want, need, and deserve. Check out below for the pics of the benchmark results and also the QR code for the app (it is for the Lite version of the app, so be sure and go to More Applications to see which browser suites your device).

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