What's that song? Get SoundHound – Android App Review


App Name: SoundHound by Melodis Corporation.

Description: What's that song?  Hear it and identify it FAST with SoundHound – just hold your phone up to a speaker, and SoundHound names the tune in as little as five seconds! It even works if you sing or hum the melody.

The paid version is 4.99 for unlimited music searches.  The free version gives you 5 free searches a month.

How it works: SoundHound has a lot to offer.  It helps you figure out the song that     just came on the radio. What about the free app, Shazam?  This is a decent app in itself.  But that's just the beginning for SoundHound.  Once it pulls up whom it is you are listening to you, you get more options.

You can listen to 30 second clips of other songs by the same artist/group.  You can also search lyrics for the songs via the browser, watch You Tube videos and look up similar artists.  In addition you can get a bio on the artist/group and see all of their albums.

You can also bookmark songs (though it keeps a history of all your searches) share your songs via Twitter or buy songs via Amazon MP3.

Got a song stuck in head?  If you can carry a tune you can hum/sing the song and it might find it.  I'm no singer and my mumbled humming helped me find a song.

You can also do a voice or text search from main screen to look up a song or artist/group.

I tried several songs and it found them quick, a lot quicker than Shazam. The theme is very well done too.  When you are on a artist's screen, it takes the pic of the artist/group and superimposes a semi transparent look over the whole screen.

Opinion: When I first checked out SoundHound, I was hesitant after using Shazam since I got my phone last August.  But after a couple searches I realized the paid app was well worth it.  If you don't a lot of searches the free version is good too.

Ratings :

  • Speed (5/5) – Finds songs mighty fast and switching to Amazon MP3 and YouTube worked very well.
  • Features (5/5) – Plenty, more than I first expected.
  • Theme (4/5) – Nice and smoothly done.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Definitely one of the best music search apps for Android.


  • Watch videos and look up lyrics of the artist.
  • Amazon MP3  option to purchase the song.
  • Nice looking app.


  • It only shows a few top songs or a few of searches and you have to select to show them all.

Conclusion: I see no reason to use anything else but this for my music searches and I don't even have to rely on hearing a song on the radio.  The paid version is done very well and makes the cost seem minimal to the options it gives you.