What, you think this is wrong?


Anyone remember those "UNWRONGED" commercials from Boost Mobile?

You probably do.. the pigs eating pork, the long armpit hair bike rider, or even maybe Danica Patrick's commercial with her pit crew dressed up in high heels and skirts?


Boost Mobile's parent company is Sprint, so you'd imagine that they would remember their own commercials right?

"What, you think this is wrong?  This is just team work, I'll tell you what's wrong, paying extra to use all your phones basic features, that's why I got Boost Mobile! Their $50 monthly unlimited plan lets you get most out of your Motorola Clutch!"


I'm not sure what Sprint considers "basic features of a phone", but to me I consider their definition of "Premium Data" as .. basic features.

  • A wicked fast processor to make your apps run smoother and faster on our Sprint 3G and 4G network
  • Top quality media experience with oversized screen, high resolution video and HD recording
  • High-quality pics to snap and share with friends and family

I wonder what Danica would say?..