Vlingo Voice releases new beta ' Super Dialer'


Vlingo Voice released a new beta to beta testers today. The new beta features a new "Superdialer". This feature can be used by touching the Vlingo button on your phone and saying  "find pizza" for example. The program will list all pizza places near your location with a green phone button that can be pressed to dial that business. The application will be released to the public sometime this summer.

Hello Android Users,

Thanks for volunteering to be part of our Android test crew!  We have a new beta launching and hoped you might be able to lend a hand.

How Can You Help Us Out?

This beta is focused on a new product, codenamed "SuperDialer."  It's even cooler than it sounds, if that's even possible.  It really is a pioneering product that allows you to call any business, anywhere, anytime, just by speaking a few words to Vlingo.  After that, you can review ratings, get directions, call with just one-click – just about anything you would need.

We would appreciate it if you focused your testing and feedback on this specific product.  Sure, if something else jumps out at you, we're always happy to get your thoughts.  But the new functionality is really all around SuperDialer, and that's what we could use your perspective in fine tuning before the public release.

Be thinking of things like:
How useful is this in my everyday life? Is the user experience easy and intuitive?  How does this compare to other stuff on the market?  What else would be great to include?  Is there anywhere SuperDialer breaks down?

Of course the application still has all the same functionality of previous versions – send texts and emails, update Twitter, search the web, voice dial friends from your address book, etc. So please feel free to use those as you normally would.  We just want to focus your feedback on the new SuperDialer product.