Verizon to launch LTE network and handsets on November 15th

June 30, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

A tipster has said that Verizon is going to launch their LTE network on November 15th.  LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is Verizon’s upcoming 4g network. Verizon will have some areas covered by 4G that they don’t even have 3G in. That’s because Verizon’s 4G, 700-MHz license blankets the entire nation, while the company is still missing licenses to supply 3G service in some states and counties. Verizon will have its entire network covered with LTE by 2013.

The LTE network will provide average download speeds of 5-12 megabits/second, with upload speeds of 2-5 megabits/sec and peak downloads of 40-50 megabits/sec. Those average speeds are about the same as Sprint’s WiMAX network under ideal conditions, but Verizon’s peaks are higher. To support those speeds, Verizon is aiming to get a 100-megabit Internet connection into each of their LTE cell sites.

Verizon has confirmed that it won’t be offering unlimited data plans for its upcoming Long Term Evolution services. Instead, customers will pay for buckets of data by the megabyte.

It has been speculated that Verizon will have a few LTE compatible head sets by black Friday, which is November 26th.