Verizon releases DROID X teaser ad

June 21, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

While many people praise Verizon for their DROID branding of their Android phones, there are just as many who wish they would simply use the full Android name.  Regardless of which camp you fall into, Verizon has just launched a teaser commercial for the upcoming DROID X which should be making its way to store shelves during the month of June.  Just like the original “DROID Landing” commercials that started hitting TV screens across the country a few weeks before the phone launched, the new ads don’t really tell you much about the phone itself.

The 16 second clip is a close up of an eye as it looks what appears to be a screen.  The eye moves as the reflection changes, revealing subtle hints of some features that the DROID X will support.  In the end, the eye transforms into a cybernetic eye (think of the Terminator) and then the work “DROID” is heard in a robotic voice right before the screen flashes to read: DROID X 07.2010.

I won’t have the right software here at work to go through the clip frame by frame, but our friends over at AndroidGuys have pointed out that there’s a hidden Twitter account, @DROIDLanding which is spotted in the eye reflection right at the beginning.  We’re hoping you guys can help us out and let us know if you spot anything else in the reflection (keep in mind, everything is going to be backwards).