Unboxing the US version of the Dell Streak

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You didn't think I'd mention all of that Dell Streak beta-testing business if I didn't actually have one for myself, did you?

I already unboxed the UK version of the Streak but since the packaging is so differentand could end up being what the retail devices ship in, I had to do another unboxing. There's no evidence on the box that this is a pre-production unit and it doesn't seem feasible for Dell to have made these boxes just for 1,000 beta testers, but there's always a chance that the final units will be packaged differently.

Here's a side-by-side of the US and UK boxes.

And now let's get a better look at this new box:

That's the Texas State Capitol, which I assume can easily be removed by whoever will make the production packaging. Everything else looks ready for the online shelves.

Other than the US plug, the contents are the same as the UK version.

The hardware of both Streaks is identical as well:

The backs may look a little different in the photo above but that's only because I didn't slide the battery cover all the way to the right on the Streak at the bottom.

There are some differences in the software, but it's nothing major. It's not like the US version is running Android 2.1 or anything!

The UK version can be unlocked with a Rebel SIM card, but I personally haven't had any luck with an AT&T or T-Mobile card.

This US version came with an AT&T SIM card already installed because of the free service through the beta test.

This unit works on T-Mobile too, but it's EDGE only because of the supported bands.