The New Motorola Droid X Poses with EVO 4G,Droid Eris and iPhone

droid x comparison

New leaked photos of the Motorola Droid X confirm it will be the largest Android phone when it launches next month on Verizon. A lucky tester with access to the Droid X snapped some photos comparing it to several other phones, including the previous size king – the HTC EVO 4G.

Both the Droid X and EVO feature a 4.3 inch display, but the Droid X has a row of physical buttons across the bottom which take up more space and result in a taller phone. In my EVO review I wrote that 4.3 inches was the sweet spot for large smartphone displays, but I’m very anxious to get my hands on Droid X and see how it measures up.

The new pics also reveal some of the applications that might come preloaded with the device. We can see 3G Mobile Hotspot for tethering, Blockbuster for viewing movies, and DLNA for wirelessly streaming media to a HDTV.

Based on a lot of sources who wish to remain nameless, we fully expect the Droid X will feature the 720 MHz TI OMAP3630 processor. This CPU might have a lower clock speed than the 1 GHz Snapdragon, but early benchmarks of the Droid X (MB810) reveal it might be the faster platform. The OMAP3630 also includes a PowerVR SGX530 GPU which outperforms the Snapdragon Adreno graphics core.

Are you sold on the Droid X yet or is overall size a concern?