Telus's Motorola Backflip Review


We are reviewing Telus's latest android phone the Motorola Backflip which is part of Motorola's Motoblur series of android phones.


At first glance this looks like your average candy bar styled smart phone but it is far from average.  Comes with a nice piano black finish on the front.  Three buttons at home, back, and settings underneath the front screen on this side it has a camera button, USB button that glows green one plugged-in of volume up and down button and a 3.5 MM jack and the power on and off button on the very top.  Phone uses a unique reverse hinge system that once opened up displays all full qwerty keyboard and what Motorola calls back track navigation panel that is touch sensor.  A backtrack navigation panel works without having to touch the screen or obstruct your view.  The way the phone is designed keyboard is on the back of the phone because of the reversed inch full qwerty keyboard.  It is definitely a different look and style as of that.  The size of the phone is 4.25 X 2.09 X 0.60 inches and weighs in at 133 Grams, phone is not heavier than others but does field day it weighted in your hands.


The CPU on this phone is a Qualcomm MSM7201a that runs at 528 MHz with 256 MB internal ram and comes with 2GB of external micro-sd storage space that is upgradeable to 32gb's.  It has a standard micro USB connection with Wi-Fi 802.11 B/G and his bluetooth 2.0 compatible and comes equipped with the 3.5 MM connector.  At times this phone feels a little bit under power but for average users has plenty of power for your daily Smartphone activities.


The main display screen is 3.10 inches in size and is a capacitive TFT touch screen.  The resolution is 320 X 480 pixels with 262144 colors.  A touch screen works very well and moves flawlessly throughout the phone and is not over sensitive perfectly adjusted.  And a sure it to review unit screen that I had could've been faulty but compared to the Motorola quench which is in the same Motoblur series colors were just not as clear and sharp this phone.  It almost seemed to have a bit of the hazzy yellowish look, I adjusted the settings and played with it to see if it was to settings issue but it may have been a hardware issue.  I suggest befor purchasing this phone to have a look at one in store and compare with other phones before buying.


Before I start I will let you know that I always turn phones full brightness full features when using them and try different software and applications on them and make a few phone calls to make sure I test the batteries properly.  The battery on the TELUS Motorola Backflip is a standard Li-Ion 1400mAh that is rated for 5. 83 hours of talk time and 315 HRS of standby time.  Now once again I would like to say that maybe I had a faulty battery but it had very awful battery life for this phone.  And I have used other Android phones from Motorola's Motoblur series and never had such poor battery quality.  I was lucky if I was able to get 3 hours of battery life with a variety of usage.

Operating System

The phone comes with Android  1.5 operating system as do most Motorola Motoblur series phones released as of recent.  This is a bit of a letdown considering the latest operating system is 2.1.  Average or new users may not notice the difference but there are a few features lacking because of the outdated operating system.  Motorola has promised to upgrade the phone's software this fall and users will have a better experience with that software in place.  The operating system does run fairly smooth on the phone as most android operating systems do and you'll have no problem navigating or playing with applications.


The TELUS Motorola Backflip comes with Motorola's famous Motoblur Software.  Motoblur Software allows you keep track of all your messages post to create some pictures as they are streamed your home screen of your android phone.  Motoblur syncs all of their content from sites like twitter and facebook and your personal emails and texts to be available from the touch of a button from the widgets on your home screen.  Motoblur Software updates all the latest happening on your social media networks in real time so you can stay connected without having to open additional applications.  It is easy and convenient and a great feature on this phone. I showed a female friend phone and they fell in love with the Motoblur Software instantaneously and thought that it was such an neat feature on the phone.  As well Motoblur has their own web site to help you use your software more efficiently ,also as a neat feature if you lose your phone it will give you GPS location on Google Maps of the last known location that your phone broadcasted a signal from.


The Backflip comes with your standard android applications like alarm clock, calculator, calendar, email, GMail, Google maps, Google talk, Motoblur Happenings, Music, News, Quick Office and Youtube.  Because of the Motoblur Software you are able to add social media connecting widgets and as well RSS news feeds to the front home screen pages.  One of the best features of any android phone of course is the android market where you can download and install any type of application that you can dream of.  With the android market your options are and unlimited with over 50,000 applications possibilities are endless.


There's a reason why this phone is called the Backflip because more less back flips open with its unique reverse hinge that has a full qwerty keyboard on the back.  Keyboard itself has a very nice layout has every possible button that you would need while using this phone.  It has a search button, browser button, home button, email button and navigational pad. The Keyboard lights up and is very visible even in the dark, keys are well spaced out and not over sensitive.  Keyboard is highly accurate and one of Motorola's find features of all their phones.  I do like the layout and the features in the keyboard.  Back of the screen has what they call a back track navigational panel which is a touch sensitive.  You can navigate through the screens, applications ,texts or any messages quite ease and is highly accurate.  At the same time it did find it awkward to have my hands navigating through a back of the screen while trying to text.  The layout of the keyboard and the backtrack navigational panel definitely make this phone very unique, I personally was not fond of this setup.  In all fairness though I think spending enough time with this phone it may become a feature you really love. For me it was not something i could get used to.

Web Browsing Camera and Video

Backflip comes with a 5mp camera that is actually located in the keyboard because the keyboard is on the back of the phone, which does make it a little awkward looking but does not affect the usage of the camera at all.  It is a standard camera that is capable of taking pictures and video.

Call Quality

Call quality on this phone is average a little lower than I would prefer but I like my phones loud.


  • Very nice keyboard
  • Good quality finish
  • Social network integration


  • Awkward design
  • Poor color quality
  • Average processor
  • 1.5 operating system
  • Short battery life

Conclusions and Final thoughts

The TELUS Motorola Backflip is a very unique phone it is not for everyone but I could see how some users may fall in love this phone.  It's Motoblur software for social media will be a hit with those who want to stay connected and like qwerty keyboards.  It's design is one of those things you're either going to love it or hate it, no in between.  As for smart phones go this is an above average smart phone like most android phones are, for android enthusiasts they may want a little more power.  For anyone knew to android this phone will take care of all of your needs and more.  This phone is available through TELUS's online or in store at the low price of only $79.98 on a three year agreement.

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