Super Caller ID , Who's calling your Phone: Android App Review

App Name: Super CallerID by InnovaMentis

Description: Super CallerID lets you know who is calling you (name, address, city) using the calling number before answering to the call.  Available for €2.99 (approx $4.45)

How it works: The app states it will show details of incoming calls.  It also has the ability of doing a reverse lookup where if you enter in a phone number it will give the details of the person i.e name, address (if listed) and gives a Google map of the address.

Opinion: When I was tested out the features  I had several calls come in and I didn't get anything different then what normally comes up when I get a incoming call.  So, for the caller ID feature I didn't get to see if it works as all my friends have dropped their landlines for cell phones.  I realized it is only going to recognize land line numbers via phone company registries so cell phone numbers aren't going give any additional info which is disappointing but understandable. The other feature is a reverse lookup that was nice and worked very well.  It also shows a mini Google map of the address also.  In addition, it had icons to locate info on that person in Facebook, LinkedIn, as a contact for your phone or through email.  It can only give the most specifics when you are in either wifi or 3G area.  Otherwise it just goes of local directory info.  This app is simple in design but at least for the reverse lookup worked very nicely for that purpose.

I did have a few instances where it lagged in locating info on a a phone number and wouldn't allow to just use the back button to back out of the search.  This is a paid app so I would expect more fuctionality from the app in order to get all features to work, though it is good that it isn't overloaded with options to tweak the features either.

Ratings :

  • Speed (3/5) -   Most times it worked quickly locating info on the phone number but sometimes being stuck on the search screen was frustrating.
  • Features (3/5) -  Offers the options it has though the Caller ID feature is going to be limited to landline phone numbers.
  • Theme (3/5) - Very basic theme but works well with the options.
  • Overall (3/5) - A good app for locating names to numbers.


  • Reverse lookup worked every time I needed it.
  • The app is very basic in nature but that allows it to not be bogged down by options that aren't needed.


  • A more in depth help section about how features work.
  • Caller ID feature doesn't always work so if it is a cell phone number calling you it wouldn't give any details.

Conclusion: I like the app to locate phone numbers after the fact but would like to see how the caller ID feature works to show all the details it states it would show.  A in depth help section to show how the app allows this feature to work would be an added plus as the help sections are sparse.

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